• Salt Marsh on Jade Bight, Germany 2013

    Serengeti, Tanzania 2012

  • Lake Manyara Nationalpark, Tanzania 2012

    Wildeshausen Geest, Germany 2014

  • Ammerland, Germany 2017

    Samburu National Reserve, Kenya 2016

  • Varel, Germany 2016

    Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania 2014

  • Forest near Brandenburg, Germany 2001

    Arusha National Park, Tanzania 2012

  • Kafue National Park, Zambia 2010

    Ammerland, Germany 2014

  • Okavango River, Namibia 2010

    Baltic Sea, Rügen, Germany 2011

  • South Luangwa National Park, Zambia 2010

    Rügen, Germany 2011

  • Ammerland, Germany 2014

    South Luangwa National Park. Zambia 2010

  • Kafue National Park, Zambia 2010

    Ammerland, Germany 2014

  • Serengeti, Tanzania 2012

    Ammerland, Germany 2013

  • Ammerland 2019

    Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya 2016

Blurred Boundaries

Initially, I had the dream of a beautiful and calm world where humans can encounter wild animals at an equal level and where they can move freely through nature in their natural nudity. Though a beautiful idea, the implementation proved to be a challenge, but the photographic realization turned out to be overwhelming. While working on photobooks, I often experienced that by selecting single pictures to design a double page, the image pair evokes a complete new emotion or message when in combination. In the project Blurred Boundaries I created these effects intentionally, where a selected image pair are finally designed together by using certain details, brightness and contrast.
 At the beginning, I had an idea for a single photo which usually lead to the composition of another, more elaborately arranged image. The fruit of my labors are African fantasies, as well as a confusing imagery of the expectations and perceptions of the observer. Only after reading the location information between the frames does one see that things are not the same after a second glance.
 The unexpected combinations of images blur geographical and ethnological boundaries and invite the viewer to reflect upon their own boundaries.