Tulip Red

Flowers? Sure, why not flowers too!

When I saw the blooming tulip fields in the Netherlands for the first time, on this flat land between the cities of Den Helder in the north and Den Haag in the south, I couldn't resist capturing this man-made spectacle of nature with my camera. Just like being intoxicated with colors, from which one can hardly escape.

During Easter time in 2017 and 2019 I was photographing in the tulip fields around Julianadorp, in the tulip garden of Anna Paulowna, and of course in the Keukenhof near Lisse. The skillfull and phantasyfull arrangements of uncountable types of tulips in the parks, with the delightful play of light and shadow under the large trees, were a beautiful precondition for excitingly composed pictures. And then that special red tulip color, red in its different tones and forms, sometimes intertwined with other colors and constantly changing during the process of blooming.

As before in my Leyenda project, I decided, after a few attempts, also in this work to use a consistent color reduction- to black, white, grey in between, and the color red. I was not familiar with any other photographic works with tulips involving this color reduction. Because of this I was inspired to create these panoramas and picture arrangements.
Fascinating for me were also the results of the mirroring of some of the tulip photos. To the already existing surreal chromaticity there may exist here a magical, kaleidoscopic photographic aesthetic in which the observer may perceive tunnels, labyrinths and mythical creatures.