• The Cross
    near El Valle (Cádiz), 2007

    No One Can Take Away the Memories of my Dances
    Castillo de Alfajarin (Zaragoza) 1997

  • The Guardians
    Embalse de Almendra (Salamanca), 2007

    In a Village of La Mancha
    Herencia (Ciudad Real), 1996

  • Wind Catchers
    Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real), 2005

    The Moorish Princess

  • The Sanctuary
    Belchite (Zaragoza), 2004

    The Martyrdom
    Belchite (Zaragoza), 1998

  • Collage
    2005 - 2011

  • The Enchanted Rocks
    near Marcén (Huesca), 1996

    Minas de Riotinto (Huelva), 2007

  • Daughter of the Devil
    Minas de Riotinto (Huelva), 2005

    The Vanished Children
    Rambla de Las Alcubillas (Almería), 2005

  • The Olive Tree
    Tabernas (Almería), 1995

    The Fragrance of Almond Blossoms
    Vall de Laguart (Alicante), 1999

  • Trial by Fire
    Embalse de Almendra (Salamanca), 2004

    The Drowned Village
    Mediano (Huesca), 1995


This project was started in the summer of 1995 when I traveled through Spain again. On this journey I had, along with my favorite model, a bolt of red cloth from Berlin with me. I always liked to work with the color red in photography and besides, I think this color fits pretty well to Spain due to their symbolic and emotional associations. I felt like experimenting with the flowing red of the cloth to create a connection between the woman and the landscape. Inspired by a legend (Leyenda), a fairy tale, the history of Spain or maybe even by my own fantasies - always driven by my great love for abandoned landscapes, my project became a real passion. The creative challenge for me was to develop for each image a matching new drapery of the cloth. Until 2011, I went out with different models to put red color dots in a wide variety in the landscapes and scenes of Spain.

The Red Towel Project "Leyenda", a very detailed thought-out and arranged photo work by Tiedemann stands out by the extent and duration. Here he worked preferably with female models, which he combined with the red cloth with landscapes. The light of the early and the late light is captured - moments of revelation. The time seems to pass slowly. The possession of this moment, which you patiently wait for, causes this phenomenon. The unspoiled, mystical Spain - explored places on Iberian soil which has no anthropogenic influence, which is not ravaged and changed. Besides that, fragments of human work: Mills in La Mancha, mines at Rio Tinto or the ruins of Mediano and Belchite - abandoned, destroyed, brought back by nature. The remains are the legends that are told by the shepherds at the fire place and our imaginations. Snow, almond blossom, ripe, then dust, or water as clear lifeblood - a hint of offense and rebirth is always reflected in the photographs. Compelling is the beautiful melancholy of the images which are inconceivable without emotions. The cloth is like a thread which leads through his entire work, a symbolic ribbon.

Rainer Maria Engelhardt