• Dream Ship
    Tuchollaplatz, Berlin 1986

    Beauty in a Trenchcoat
    Pruchten 1991

    On the Firewall
    Dunckerstraße, Berlin 1991

  • Colours!
    Corinthstraße, Berlin 1986

    The Red Wine Painter
    Corinthstraße, Berlin 1989

    On More Day
    Linienstraße, Berlin 1988

  • Russian Fairytale
    Berlin 1989

    Couple in Love
    Berlin 1989

    Be Considerate to Lovers
    Ebelingstraße, Berlin 1985

  • Troika
    BMHW, Schnellerstraße, Berlin 1992

    Closed Lips
    Kleine Alexanderstraße, Berlin 1987

    The Mystery
    Berlin 1990

  • Occupied
    Mainzer Straße, Berlin 1990

    Morning Moon
    Linienstraße, Berlin 1990

    Familiar View
    Modersohnbrücke, Berlin 1990

  • Berlin Serenade
    Linienstraße, Berlin 1988

    Autumn Leaves
    Potsdam 1988

    Sunday Morning
    Mulackstraße, Berlin 1988

  • The Surprise
    Dunckerstraße, Berlin 1991

    Spirit of Eden
    Rigaer Straße, Berlin 1991

    Two Scooters
    Mulackstraße, Berlin 1986

  • My Street
    Corinthstraße, Berlin 1986

    Thorns of the Rose
    Corinthstraße, Berlin 1986

    Corinthstraße, Berlin 1985

  • The Forgotten Song
    Berlin Adlershof 1988

    In a Jacket
    BMHW, Schnellerstraße, Berlin 1992

    Love is a Grey Bird
    Berlin Adlershof 1990

Desire in Berlin

During the late 80’s and early 90’s I lived in the eastern part of Berlin. It was a time of changes, there was still a lot of the GDR left but on the other hand there was perspective for change and a new beginning. East Berlin remained gray, without advertisements and neon signs – it was much more quiet and unexciting than it is today. Most houses looked older than they were, and some were so dilapidated that they were uninhabitable. This was my photographic paradise. The skylights of apartment buildings and the rooftop landscapes of the tenements of the city immersed in a hazy yellow light of the rising sun. I loved to go with my models to these scenes and take nude pictures, because nudity in this city was a form of freedom and independence. While making these pictures, I was stimulated by the contradiction of hard stone and soft skin. At the same time I was appealed by the hardness and coolness of the ailing city scapes in contrast to an unclothed body - despite a self confident display it always showed it’s vulnerability; the thick house walls become Kafkaesque symbols for protection and confinement at the same time.
 Many Berliners, in particular young people I met and worked with, were affected by a calm desire. Just like them, I was looking for something that I had not yet experienced and that I could not verbalize because no one knew if it even existed. Today I feel in these city views, portraits and arranged stories, stronger than ever, this imaginary desire.